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Creating a account allows you to save your work to the cloud. You can then sign in from any device to view or edit your mind maps. Registering also lets you share your mind maps with others, letting them view or even edit your work.

Registering is simple. On the home page, clicktap Register button and enter your email and password. You can also register and sign in using your Facebook or Google Plus account.

After you create your account you will be signed in automatically. To sign into at a later time, clicktap Sign In button on the home page, and enter your credentials. You can also register and sign in with Facebook or Google Plus account from this dialog. offers a Free version that allows you to keep up to 3 mind maps. If you need more space, you can either delete or reuse your old mind maps, or upgrade to our Premium plan. We offer a generous discount to students, member of faculty, and non-profit organizations.