Create and Edit Bubbles

Create bubbles

To create a new parent bubble, clicktap the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the editor or hold Ctrl and click where you want your new bubble to appear. You can also create new bubbles by double-clicking in empty space or double tap in an empty space.

To create a child bubble, either clicktap on the Add Child button or press Ctrl + Enter while typing .

To create a sibling bubble, press Tab while typing, or clicktap on the Add Sibling button.

Edit bubbles

When you clicktap inside of any bubble, you will notice that an editing menu appears above the bubblein the editor ribbon area.

Here you have the following options:

Move bubbles

To move a bubble, press on the bubble, and hold until the bubble lifts up from the screen click on the bubble, and press until the move cursor icon appears. You can then drag the bubble to its new position.

Resize bubbles

To resize a bubble:

  1. mouse over a bubble
  2. on the bottom-right corner of a bubble a blue handle will appear
  3. click and drag the blue handle

To reset a bubble to its default size, click on the blue handle on the bottom-right corner of a bubble.