About Bubbl.us

Back when I was in college, I picked up a book by David Allen called "Getting Things Done". In his book, David spoke about brainstorming and visual mind mapping as a way to organize all of your thoughts and ideas.

I found the practice of mind mapping helpful throughout my studies, work, and personal life. At first, I started out using a pen and paper but soon realized that I longed for an easier way to store and expand on my ideas. Unsatisfied with tools available at that time, I set out to build my own. I told my friend Kirill, who also happens to be a brilliant programmer, about the idea and he was ecstatic about joining me on the journey to build a mind-mapping application.

In January 2006, we released the first beta version of Bubbl.us. Since then, we have released 3 newer versions of Bubbl.us, and have had millions of people use our program. It has been a delight to see such wide range of people using Bubbl.us, including writers, musicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, and even students with dyslexia. They have all found using Bubbl.us to immensely improve their organization, study habits, and workflow.

Bubbl.us is currently run by a small team, including the original founders me and Kirill. While the company was founded in Milwaukee, WI, we currently also have remote team members located in Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and Madison, WI.

One of our favorite things is hearing stories and ideas from our users! We'd love to hear about your experience with our service. Please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or via e-mail.

Happy Mind-Mapping!


Co-founder of Bubbl.us