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Introduce Instructor
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Introduce Content: Suggest sequence but allow for user to select topic based on individual assessment of needs
Assessment: Accessible from each topic
Assessment of Effectiveness of Instruction
User Assessment of Session Presentation/Content
Using Your Computer
Navigating Websites
Strategic Searching
Software: Direct instruction and illustrated transcripts on the following topics:
Opening Programs
Tips and Tricks including accessibiliy and keyboard shortcuts
Software related vocabulary
Hardware: Direct instruction via video and illustrated transcripts on the following topics:
Turning on Components
Hardware related vocabulary
Internet access- hardware requirements and links to setup instructions
Information from Commonsense media including direct instruction and experience based learning featuring:
Searching within websites
How to use search engines
How to use the address bar when given a website address
Scams and Schemes
Common Scams
False Information
Identity Theft
Safety Precautions
For Parents
Fake Products
To share with children