If you've never backup your Yahoo email account, you may wonder where to begin. You likely need answers to these questions:

"How do I back up to my Yahoo mailbox? "

"Can I back up my Yahoo emails automatically? "

"Should I back up my Yahoo mail to my computer or to an alternative email account? "

We'll address all of your concerns with this guide. Learn how to create an encrypted backup from your Yahoo email account and make it accessible.

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Selecting the method of backup

The first thing to be aware of is that Yahoo doesn't have an export option. You cannot download all your email messages in large quantities from Yahoo using the browser.

As a last resort, Yahoo suggests the following options to backup the emails:

  • Make hard copies of emails. Print hard copies of the
  • Forward your email to another email address
  • Copy and paste every email message into the text editor

However, none of these options is feasible when you have several emails on your account. To back up the entire Yahoo email account, it is necessary to automatize the process, at least to some degree.

You could think about downloading your Yahoo Mail email Yahoo Mail into a third-party application; however, this choice is not without its drawbacks which include the following:

  • Your email messages will be stored within your desktop email program. If you remove the application from your computer, the Yahoo backup of emails will also be deleted.
  • Any damage to your hard drive or the system can risk the backup email's security.
  • Your backup will not be accessible online or from your mobile device, restricting your ability to look through older emails and quickly locate the required messages.

With all this in mind, In light of the above, we suggest making a backup from the email you use on Yahoo mail to a different mail account.

You can do it using third-party software (we suggest VaultMe) or manually. We'll go over the reasons why automatic is preferred.

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