Pros and cons of mobile marketing in 2021

Facts state that there are more people in the world that own mobile phones than a toothbrush. Then why not target these people to become your potential customers? And with that vast majority, a Digital Marketing Agency Dubai will surely be getting success for your business. 

In this guide, we will illuminate you about the pros and cons of mobile marketing, and in the end, we will conclude is mobile marketing worth your business or not. So let’s start with the advantages of mobile marketing.

Pros of mobile marketing

  • With mobile marketing, you can target audiences from a specific location, a specific age, and a specific interest. 
  • You can reach your targeted audiences instantly and cost-effectively.
  • People always carry their mobile with them, they can forget their work but not their mobiles so you do not have to target your audience at a specific time. You can reach out to them whenever you want for social media agency Dubai.
  • With mobile marketing, there is a 95 percent chance of success rate. With that much success rate, you are surely getting some ROI for your busienss.
  • You can measure your social media agency marketing campaign with the help of different metric tools.
  • With mobile marketing, you can connect with your audience better which will allow you to increase your conversion rate and generate more sales. 

Cons of mobile marketing

  • There is a little issue of browsing on a mobile phone because different business websites do not open correctly on mobile phones that is why it can cause a little problem.
  • Privacy is always in question in mobile phones.
  • Advertisements that are not so good can backfire because people do not like to get interrupted when they are using their mobile phones that is why your advertisements should be good and promoted through Google Ads management or they will not be much beneficial.


Mobile marketing gives you more benefits than side effects. Also, the side effects of mobile marketing are minimal and do not affect your business campaign much. That is why you should also make use of mobile marketing for your business.