500 flip over in the name of handstands
In Taiwan
Mr Huang even said that doing handstands are fun because you see things upside down!
At the 1914 Creative Park
25July 2011
More than 500 people.
Organiser: Mr Huang Ming-cheng
Who is Mr Huang Ming-cheng?
A 28 year-old who took photos of himself doing handstands on treacherous places like cliffs, on top of roofs, on rocks in the sea, and even on the back of a scooter.
Youngest participant
A two Year-old
Oldest participant
A 65-year-old man.
One 47 year-old man did the handstand as he claimed handstands is a healthy excercise and it they also help to improve blood circulation and even balance.
500 people did handstands.
They did handstands for an 'Upside down' event.
For how long did the handstand of 500 people take place?
For about 15 seconds.
They did handstands with the help of their family members and friends or did it against a wall.