transformed dramatically after British set up a port , a place where ships stop to buy and sell goods.
Problems that came with develpoment
Secret Societies
closely knit associations that offered support and "broherhood" to mostly Chinese workers
helped British government in Singapore maintain some control over the booming Chinese immigrant population.
brought violence, extortion and prostitution.
took care of their members, providing them a place to stay, a job and help bury them when they die.
Opium Smoking
opium is an addictive drug
many chinese coolies addicted to it
turned to crime when they had no money
smoke it regulary to escape their harsh, repetitive lives.
body of water to the nort-west of singapore
pirates attack
robbing precious cargo and ensalving or killing people on board
From sleepy village to bustling port
Founder of the settlement is Sir Stanford Raffles
told surveyor Lieutenant Philip Jackson to draw up a town plan
The Raffles Town Plan carved out spaces for migrant communities of Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Bugis and Malays.
encouraged by the british
made a lot of money from licences and taxes
set up an anti-opium clinic to treat addicts in 1929
banned in Singapore in 1943