Snow photos: 15 ideas to inspire you

We are in the middle of winter and the cold snaps bring us intense snowfalls that cover the cities and landscapes with a white coat. So it's the perfect time to learn your camera, cover up well and get out to photograph those wonderful scenes. When a heavy snowfall occurs somewhere, social networks are flooded with photos in the snow, often repetitive and bland. Want to stand out from the crowd? Don't miss these 13 inspiring snow photos to give your images a creative and different touch and by the way, get more likes than anyone else. Read on.

13 inspiring snow photos

1. Photograph a snowflake

If there's one photo discipline you can take advantage of at any time of the year, it's macro photography. When you find yourself under the snow, a different image from the usual snow photos is the macro shot of a snowflake.

2. Capture the falling snow

Don't let a heavy snowfall discourage you. Some of the most beautiful photos of snow can be obtained just as the snow is falling because no one will have stepped on the snow yet and you will be the first viewer. So put on a heavy coat, protect your camera, find a nice spot and photograph the snow just as it is falling.

3. Bokeh

This is not the first time that the bokeh technique has been mentioned on this blog. Images of snow with a bokeh, whether they are portraits or other types of photos, will give a dreamy and romantic touch, not to mention draw attention to a specific subject or object. Don't forget to get a very bright cine lens to get the best results with this technique.

4. Play with white balance when shooting in the snow

As a general rule, your camera will tend to white balance the snow in blue or grey tones. Here you have different possibilities. You can balance the white correctly so that the snow appears completely white, or you can make the snow blue or grey and play with mood and atmosphere.

5. Take a portrait with snow in your hands

A great idea after a snowfall is to do a snow photo shoot, which can be fun too. You can use a friend or relative and if you have the opportunity, also work with a professional model and organise a fashion shoot in the snow. Amongst all your portraits, you can have the model grab a bit of snow in their hands and blow on it. The challenge will be to capture the snow just as it is blown out of the hands.

6. Create shapes with the snow and incorporate them into the photo

Like sand on the beach, snow invites you to make shapes and forms. You can make the typical snowman and instead of capturing the whole thing, capture some of the details to be more creative. You can also make smaller shapes, like stars or hearts. The creativity will depend on you here.

7. Look for minimalist photos

Minimalist photography works very well for photos in the snow. You can look for a snowy landscape with a lone tree, or even a lone house or building. Here, it's the composition that will give you powerful images that stand out. Remove anything that gets in the way of your photo and look for something that stands out instead.

8. Photograph a snowy landscape with water

At first you may think that this photo will be difficult for you to achieve because you don't live near a river or lake. But this is not the case: you can also find ponds in parks, or even springs in cities. The contrast between liquid water and snow will produce a very interesting change of textures. And if you are lucky enough to have a lake or river nearby, don't hesitate to photograph it for beautiful images.

9. Shoot in the snow at sunrise or sunset

Getting up early in winter to find a sunrise under the snow may not seem like the best plan. But when you see the results, you'll be glad you did, believe me. The contrast between the dewy light and the snow is spectacular. But if you don't like getting up at the crack of dawn, you can opt for sunset to get that same contrast.

10. Use winter light

A clear sky after a snowfall can give a very bright and clear light, especially when the light bounces off the shiny snow. In these situations, make sure that the images are not too white. To avoid this, you can apply what was mentioned in the previous point, i.e. to find a lower light and thus avoid the sun high in the sky.

11. Look for a humorous photo

When everyone goes for a walk after a snowfall, funny scenes are guaranteed. Whether it's a snowball fight, a child making snowmen or a dog running through the snow, all of these moments can add a touch of fun to your snow photo series.

12. Contrast the city lights with the snow

If you live in the city, you can wait until nightfall to see the street lights come on and illuminate the snow in a contrasting way. If the snow holds, the disparity between the street lights, traffic lights and car headlights will make for a great contrasting shot.

13. Look for patterns in the ice

If the snow has already fallen a few days ago and it is still cold, this snow will not melt but turn into ice. Here is another opportunity to practice macro photography and look for patterns and shapes in the ice that may have occurred due to the effect of the intense cold.

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