What Is Christianity?

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See? Basic overview of Christianity 
Think? So many people in the world practice this religion
Wonder? How many different factions of Christianity are there?

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Britannica article 
Christianity. (2020). In Encyclop√¶dia Britannica. Retrieved from
Judgement of Britannica as an Information tool
Britannica was able to clearly identify aspects of the Christianity faith, especially the beliefs and traditions. It was lacking in some areas, especially the Bible and its impact. 
3 Cause and effect statements
Using the Language of Cause and Effect
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Christianity in a time of sickness

3 Quick facts
1. in times of pandemic the Church should help all
2. After the pandemic the world will not be the same
3. Could be a time to reframe Christianity in a new world
1. Jesus helped the world to become a better place by expressing his teachings
2. Jesus impacted the daily lives of the people at the time by identifying how much God loves all people
3. Jesus has taught the world by sharing stories about love and kindness. 
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Social shifts and changes

3 Quick Facts
1. Christianity is still the dominant religion in Australia
2. Population is growing but church attendance is shrinking
3. Church population and representation is much older in age
2 types of books available for HSC Religion