In-person (with approval)
Admin, Office, Services
1:1 Instruction
On campus & Occasional
No in-person allowed
Lectures and workshops
Lab and Studio
Off Campus Field Trips
(with transportation)  
Activities Prioritized  for in-person
Areas Providing Direct 
Support for Instruction
Faculty Complete Field 
Trip Approval Form
Faculty Makes Hybrid Proposal
to Deans through Curriculum Request
Exception required for in-person
Essential Services
(Facilities, Police, Mail)
Each work area submit proposal 
via Web Form
Pick-up and Drop-off
Work area submit proposal via web form
Dean and Area Manager 
Approval Required
Food Services
Develop Safety Plan, Approved by 
Director of RAD
Solo Work
In-person allowed (with notification)
Solo Work
Contact Supervisor and COVID Supervisor
for approval
Director of RAD Develops Safety Plan
VPs Review
Manager Finalizes 
Safety Plan
Submit proposal via web form
Contact Dean for notification 
(location, frequency, schedule)
EH&S Approves Plan with assistance of Hybrid Review Team
Make Request to Deans 
and Area Managers
Make Request to Deans
and Area managers
Managers bring 
proposal to their 
Unit Leader.
Unit Leader brings proposal to the COVID Coordinating group for discussion. Provost approves or advances to VPs if needed.
Provost approves
Remote Only
Unit Leader Consults with Area
Manager before advancing proposal
Preparation Stage
-Notification of approval
-Assemble supplies
-Use implementation checklist
Implemenation Stage
-Daily Health Form
-Follow Safety Plan(s)
-Follow updates