Seymour G. Epstein(J) 1916–1991
Pauline née Stolofsky(J) 1918–2004 
   Mark Epstein (b. 1955)
- Jeffrey's younger brother
and right hand man
Lafayette High School 1968-69
- talented, skipped two grades
- ethnic conflict between Jews
 and Italians
Cooper College 1969
- drops out
Courant Institute 1971
- drops out 1974
- sex scandal?
- recruited by Mossad?
                     Teacher at Dalton school
- 1974 hired by ex-OSS agent Donald Barr(J)
- befriends the children of Alan Greenberg(J), the CEO of Bear Stearns bank and the friend of Roy Cohn(J)
- behaves outrageously in the school for two years and after teacher mutiny his contract is not renewed
                   International Assets Group 
1981 Epstein's own consulting company that acts as liaison between Bear Stearns and BCCI during
- start money from Robert Maxwell(J)
1982 Adnan Khashoggi(J) becomes a client
1983 Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell introduce Epstein to Ari Ben-Menashe, Israeli spy. Epstein wants to help him run Iran-Contra operations. Epstein wan 
1985 Leslie Wexner(J) becomes a client
- Epstein helps with his mob business
- Epstein gains access to Victoria's Secret models
1980s helps Wexner create Spook Town in Ohio
- town favored by intelligence agencies
                    BCCI Bank
Bank of Crooks and Criminals
- launders drug and arms money
- Epstein liaison between BCCI and
and his ex-bank Bear Stearns 
- finances Iran-Contra which was
just a part of a drug trade network
- for Iran-Contra see separate map

80s Governor of Arkansas
& Hillary in Rose Law firm
80s Mena airport center of arms
and drug trade run by SAT airline
90s covers up Iran-Contra but
continues drug trade through
Balkans also with Dynacorp
                       Tower Financial 
1987 Epstein joins Steve Hoffenberg(J)
1988 try to buy airlines (for smuggling?)
- helped by John Lehman(J) & John Mitchell
- gradually becomes a Ponzi scheme that collapses 1993 but Epstein gets a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card from William Barr and Janet Reno, Clinton's Attorney General
                                        J. Epstein & Co
1988 financial consultancy company specialised in blackmail
- only real client Leslie Wexner who now gives total power to Epstein over his finances 
1989 buys Palm Beach mansion probably with the help of Zabludowich family
- parties with models. Perfect for blackmail operations
1991 Wexner buys a New York townhouse but gradually Epstein takes it over for free. House is wired. Parties with models. Perfect for blackmail operations.
Many people want to be blackmailed because they want to work for and be supported by Mossad
- "Jew York" construction where mob controls unions
- launders money through mob protected casinos
- blackmail network in hotels
- CIA front, see separate map
     Adnan Khashoggi (J/S)
- "richest man in the world"
- uncle of Jamal Khashoggi
- runs the Iran-Contra as a liaison
between Mossad, Saudis, CIA
- Epstein helps in secret money
          Bronfman family (J)
- Seagram Ltd. liquor company
- originally mafia family
- run World Jewish Congress
- helped assassinate JFK
                 Roy Cohn (J)
- mob lawyer
- liaison between CIA and Mossad
- runs pedophile blackmail network
- runs a favor bank
- mentor of Trump 
                                Bear Stearns bank
1976 Alan Greenberg(J) hires Epstein 
- Epstein has no degree but becomes partner in 4 years!
- helps Bronfmans(J) with insider trading but is caught and takes all the blame by leaving the bank
- goes undercover to be the liaison between Bear Stearns and BCCI in Iran-Contra and other secret projects
                                    William Barr (h-J)
- the son of OSS agent Donald Barr 
- half-Jewish Catholic. Trusted by both CIA and Mossad
70s defends CIA against Church committee
1974 probably tells his father to hire Epstein as a teacher
80s involved with Epstein in Israel-Iran-Contra
90s covers-up the Iran-Contra while Attorney General together with his friend Robert Mueller
1993-95 helps Epstein Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card during Tower Financial ponzi scheme collapse
2007 together with Mueller gets Epstein the sweeheart deal
2019 becomes again Attorney General. Together with Mueller cover-up Israel-Russia Gate and Epstein Gate 

     Mohammed bin Salman
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
Runs Isis and other terrorist groups
with Mossad and CIA to protect
petrodollar. See separate map.
Kosher Nostra(J)
- see separate map
                        Mega Group
1991 Wexner & Bronfman create group of 20 Zionist Mossad-supported billionaires
- finances political candidates in US and Israel
- helps create Jewish hedge-fund billionaires
- work with Mossad and Kosher Nostra
     Benjamin Netanyahu
1997 PM of Israel with the
 support of the Mega
- deputy PM Moshe Katsev
                    Apparel for blackmail
90s Epstein gets Wexner's 727 airplane
    - Lolita Express piloted by Visoski(J)
1993 Zorro ranch from the King family
    - supports Gell-Man's(J) Santa Fe institute
1996 Pedophile Island from Virgin Islands
    - helped by Berkowski(J)

            Total immunity from police investigation
1996 Maria Farmer
1997 Alicia Arden
They accuse Epstein but police refuses to investigate
Epstein now has immunity to run both blackmail rings and Ponzi schemes.   
1998 Trump's girl Virginia Roberts becomes Epstein's number 1 girl. Helps run (and spy) the pedophile ring.

Poju Zabludowich(J)
- Helps Epstein buy
Palm Beach house
- runs the Finnish and
 British Israel lobbies
               Liquid Funding Ltd.
2000 Epstein creates the ultimate Ponzi company together with Bear Stearns
- seems to have the support of the FED  
- finances Mossad and black ops
1993 search engine company
- run by Isabel Maxwell
- helps create Google
1997 Isabel Maxwell
becomes the president
- later integrated into gmail

2003 Epstein invests with Brunel and Fuller(J) into half-Israeli modeling agency
Obviously Epstein is E in E=mc2
Specializes in very young models who
are meet also Barak(J)
                      Expose Attempt

2002-2003 Taki and Vicky Ward stopped 
by Conrad Black(Jw) and Les Wexner(J)
Epstein wants to prevent media exposes

2003 unsuccessful attempt to acquire New York magazine together with Michael Wolff(J).

2004 Epstein and Mortimer Zuckerman(J) financed Maer Roshan’s(J) magazine Radar.

                                                           First Arrest and Expose

2005 police start investigating sex trafficking
Epstein defended by Dream Team: Alan Dershowits(J), Jay Lefkowitz(J), Jack Goldberger(J)  
2006 Gerry Goldsmith(J) and State Attorney Barry Kirscher(J) try to stop investigation
2007 Robert Muller's FBI pushes federal prosecutor Acosta(A) to offer Epstein sweetheart deal with immunity for co-conspirators, i.e. female executive team. Victims are not informed
2007 Media exposes Epstein as a pedophile but is silent on the Israel-connection
2008 Epstein flies to Israel before 13 month stint in county jail where he only sleeps
2009 victims sue for damages in civil cases and Trump the only one willing to help the lawyer of the victims. Was Trump behind the police investigation?

  Ehud Barak
1999 PM of Israel
2000 Moshe Katsev
becomes president
                                                    First Rehabilitation by Jewish Billionaires

2009 Ghislaine has dinner with Calvin Klein(J) and Aby Rosen(J)
2010 Ghislaine parties with Rupert Murdoch(J?/Z)  
2010 Ghislaine at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton(A) and Marc Mezvinsky(J)  
2010 Epstein parties with Jonathan Farkas(J), Wilbur Ross(J) and Leon Black(J)
2010 Epstein hosts a Break Fast after Yom Kippur for 120 friends
2010 Epstein does not have to register as a sex offender in New Mexico  
2010 Prince Andrew visits Epstein’s New York mansion to party with Peggy Siegal(J), Katie Couric(J), Chelsea Handler(J), George Stephanopoulos(A) and Woody Allen(J)

2011 Epstein appeared again at Brockman’s(J) “Billionaires’ Dinner,”.

2011 Professor Lawrence Krauss(J) strongly defends Epstein
2011January Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Gaffney(?) tries to REMOVE Epstein from the New York sex-offender registry!  

                                                               Second Expose

2011 March Daily Mail reveals that Prince Andrew met Epstein 2010 December and spent four days at his mansion
Also American media criticizes Epstein and Prince Andrew

                                   Second Rehabilitation Again by Jewish Billionaires

2012, Maxwell founds The TerraMar Project  
2012 Epstein advertised his foundation’s sponsorship of an academic conference organized by Marvin Minsky(J) from Harvard
2013 Woody Allen(J) pals around with Epstein
2013 Forbes Magazine lauds Epstein as a genius benefactor of science 
2013? Michael Wolff(J) tries to publish a lauding profile of Epstein in New York Magazine
2014  Stuart Beck(J) helps TerraMar Project get support from the United Nations 
2013 Ghislaine parties with Lloyed Blankfein(J), CEO of Goldman Sachs and Michael Bloomberg(J), the mayor of New York 
2014 Ghislane and Elon Musk(J?) meet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party  
2014 Epstein is especially supported by Peggy Siegal(J), Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, wife of a billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin(J) and the billionaire investor and chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, Leon Black(J)
2014 Steven Pinker and Lawrence Krauss photographed with Epstein
2014 Joi Ito and Peter Cohen(J) from MIT ask Epstein to secretly support their Media Lab
2014 Big retailers continue to use the ultra-sleazy modelling agency MC2  

                                                        Third Expose

2014 April Virginia Roberts Giuffre goes public with allegations of being procured at age 15 by Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein and Prince Andrew.
2015 January Daily Mail finally goes after Ghislaine who consequently drops out of high society
2015 January Guardian revealed how Epstein still has his female executives 
2015 January, The Daily Mail reveals the existence of Jeffrey Epstein’s 194 page “Little Black Book,” 
2015 February while planning to run for the presidency Trump passingly mentions Epstein’s island and the Clinton connection. This was clearly a warning both to the Clintons, Mossad and the media: Mess with me and I will expose the Clintons and many other. I have the star witness in my back pocket.

                                  Third Rehabilitation Now by Israelis

2015 January Jerusalem Post publishes a plea from rabbi Boteach(J) in defense of Dershowits 
2015 The Zionist Organization of America grants Dershowits the Defender of Israel Award
2015 Epstein becomes the principal investor in Ehud Barak(J)-led spyware company, Carbyne.
The board members include also Russian-Jewish Viktor Vekselberg(J) who is presently under American sanctions for being part of Putin’s inner circle. However, mainstream media and Robert Mueller do not dare to notice.

                                                            Fourth Expose

2016 Best-selling crime reporter James Patterson publishes a book about Epstein.


Mysteriously, the book has no index! 

Mainstream media is not interested since Epstein-Clinton connection might endanger Hillary's presidential campaign

                      Epstein's rehabilitation continued by Israelis

2016 Barak sneaks into Epstein’s New York mansion. Daily Mail publishes photos of him but claims not to know who he is.
2016 Epstein buys the Great St. James Island in the Virgin Islands and starts building without permits. Media is not interested
2017 Barak often visits Jeffrey and Mark Epstein's East 66 apartments where many of the girls are housed. During these visits Barak is protected also by the NYPD but this is of no interest to the media.
2017 Barak advises Epstein's friend, Harvey Weinstein(J) to hire a notorious group of ex-Mossad agents known as Black Cube to threaten and intimidate and slander his accusers. (Noirg) However, this does not interest the media or the metoo-movement.
2017 94-year old (yes, 94) judge Robert Sweet(wJ) seals the records involving the civil case Ghislaine settled with Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Sweet's inlaws are the Schiff family(J).
2017 Sweet starts supervising also the Harvey Weinstein case.
However, nobody dares to notice that Barak and Sweet are connected to both Epstein and Weinstein 

                               Acosta Reveals the Truth

2017 April Confirmation hearings for the Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta(A). He is asked why he gave the sweetheart deal to Epstein in 2007. Acosta answers: "I was told Epstein belongs to the intelligence."
However, media is not interested. 

                     Rehabilitation Continues by the Israelis and Mueller

2018 under Israeli protection Epstein’s business is booming and his private jets are criss-crossing the planet about every third day. (Wired)  

2018 Mueller investigation does not dare to touch Epstein. Trump uses Epstein as leverage to stop Zionists pushing toward war with Russia and Iran

2018 August Epstein brags to a journalist that he has a lot of potential blackmail material on the elite

2018 October Woody Allen and Michael Wolff dine at Epstein’s New York Townhouse  

2018 Epstein’s local lead lawyer in the 2007 sweetheart deal, Jack Goldberger(J) is again elected by his peers as super lawyer of the year.  

                                 Fifth Expose now by Miami Herald

2018 November expose by Julie K. Brown from Miami Herald which concentrates on Epstein’s victims.  
2019 January Confirmation hearings for the Attorney General nominee William Barr(J) who stonewalls senator Ben Sasse's questions regarding Epstein case.
2019 February, Judge Marra rules that the 2007 Epstein sweetheart deal was illegal. Now media starts talking about the case and try to connect Epstein with Trump. However, they stop when Clintons connection to Epstein turns out to be much stronger. 

                            War Between Netanyahu and Barak

Barak challenges Netanyahu in the coming Israeli elections. 

Netanyahu pushes American officials to arrest Barak's friend Epstein for sex trafficking.

                                            Epstein Arrested Second Time

July 6 Epstein arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey when he arrives from Paris.


Mainstream media finally explodes into a frenzy. Journalists realize that they can now go after Epstein. Netanyahu encourages them to also go after Barak.

Epstein charged with sex trafficking conspiracy. The case involves:


prosecutor Geoffry Berman(J), who was also involved in Israel-Iran-Contra affair.


judge Richard Berman(J), nominated by iran-Contra associate Bill Clinton in 1998.


Attorney General William Barr(J), ”the Cover-up General” who refuses to recuse himself from the case

August 11 Epstein found hanged in his cell after his cellmate was transferred out, the guards fell asleep and video cameras malfunctioned.

September 16 Ghislaine(J) and other co-conspirators of Epstein will get to keep their Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card:


The secret non-prosecution agreement that shielded alleged accomplices of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will remain intact, a Florida judge ruled Monday. … any further litigation was “moot,” given Epstein’s Aug. 10 suicide. (The New York Post)


       Hollinger Media
- controlled by Zionists
 Mossad Sex Trafficking and Blackmail Networks
Tel Aviv capital of human trafficking
2000 Israeli pedophile diplomat Arie Scher(J) fled Brazil but later Israel still nominated him to Australia
2006 Israeli president Moshe Katsev(J)
convicted of rape
2018 Bronfmans(J) run NXIVM blackmail sex cult  
        Black Cube
- threatens the police
- Larry Summers(J)
- Marvin Minsky(J)
- Steven Pinker(J)
- Leo Reif(J) & Joi Ito
- Peter Cohen(J)
Hedge-fund billionaires (J) 
- Ehud Barak and
Jeffrey Epstein with
other Mossad agents
Black Cube
Schiff family (J)
     Michael Wolff
- journalist supports
Donate and invest money
when Epstein says so
Miami Herald
      William Barr
- uses the leverage to
 stop Russia-gate
     Israeli elections
- Barak vs. Netanyahu
                   Al Seckel
- Isabel Maxwell's husband
- possibly faked his own death
- master illusionist
- friend of James Randi
Robert Mueller
Daily Mail
Robert Mueller covers for
 Mossad agent Epstein
- Finnish arms factory
- especially mortars
              Billionaires Dinner
2011 billionaires and scientists
- Epstein invited by John Bronckman(J)
Guests at that event included Bezos [Amazon], Brin [Google], Myhrvold [Microsoft], Elon Musk [Tesla], Marissa Mayer [Yahoo], Zack Bogue [husband of Mayer], Anne Wojcicki [23andMe and sister of Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube], and David Brooks [NYT journalist], a page for the dinner shows. (Yahoo)  
90% Jewish
                      Bill Browder(J)
- grandson of Felix, the leader of Communist Party USA
- protege of Robert Maxwell
90s owner of Hermitage Capital which privatised Russia into the pockets of Jewish oligarchs

Left - West
Right - East
Up - Earlier
Down - Later
Leslie Wexner (J)
- Limited Co.
- mafia connected
- financed blackmail
 networks and run drugs
Judge Sweet
- Jewish wife
Harvey Weinstein
- see separate
Does Trump want Acosta
to hint at Mossad? In this
way Trump has leverage
 against Israel and media
- uses Epstein as potential leverage 
against both the Clintons and the Mossad
Hedge-fund billionaires(J)
               Daily Mail
Harmsworth family's relatively
independent media empire
- led by Lord Rothermere  
- editor Paul Dacre
Blue = Rockefellers
Red = Rothschilds
Green = Saudis
Pink = Windsors

Arrows shows hirarchy
Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Scandal Mossad Timeline

- a small part of The Ruling elite timeline that shows the battle between Rockefellers and the Rothschilds for world domination through the FED and petrodollar system supported by Nato and drug trade network that organizes and finances assasinations and Color Revolutions
Bolshevik Revolution
- see separate map
            Schlomo Zabludowich(J)
- with Maxwell smuggled arms in 40s to
Jews in Palestine making Israel possible
- became the richest family in Finland
   Semion Mogilevich(J)
- Jewish-Russian mafia
- Maxwell got him Israeli
   Salomon Brothers Bank (J)
- Browder led the Russia desk
                                                                Robert Maxwell (J)
- born Jan Hoch in Orthodox Jewish family from Ruthenia, Czechoslovakia
- fought for the British during WWII and helped MI6 with his Jewish connections
- moved to Britain, became citizen and changed his name
40s with Zabludovich family smuggles arms from Czechoslovakia and Finland to Jewish groups in Palestine, i.e. helps create Israel
50s Mossad helps him buy Pergamon Press that would help steal information for secret Israeli nuclear weapons program
60s Labor MP in British parliament. Defends the Soviet Union
70s liaison between Mossad, MI6 and KGB. Helps sell stolen US technology to the Soviets
70s starts bugging computer software like Promis for Mossad with the help of her daughter Christine. Promis would later evolve into Pegasus spyware
80s  helps run Israel-Iran-Contra with his daughter Ghislaine and Epstein
1984 Mossad helps him buy Mirror Group newspapers but also steals from the pension fund.  Mirror newspapers defend Israel and help kidnap Vanunu
1990 meets Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel
90s helps Jewish oligarchs take over Russia
91 Simon Hearsh reveales him to be Mossad agent
91 dies mysteriously and is buried in Israel with a state funeral
 - his children take over his businesses and Mossad operations. Ghislaine immediately joins Epstein

Metropolitan Correctional Facility
- one of the most corrupt in US  
                McClatchy family
- relatively independent media dynasty  
 Jeffrey Epstein (b. 1953)
- grew up in Sea Gate 
  Jewish gated community
- synagogue across the
- sexually abused?
      Public School 188
1959 starts school
- four blocks from Sea Gate 
Mark Twain Junior High School 1965-68  
1967 Interlochen Arts summer camp  
Douglas Leese
- arms trader
- introduces Epstein
to Hoffenberg
- Mossad & CIA operation
- Chiliad  and Pegasus
backdoors used?
- FBI director Robert Mueller 
covers up everything
                     Israeli Elite
2002 Shimon Peres(J) officially introduces Ehud Barak(J) to Epstein
- Barak on Lolita Express and on 
Pedophile Island
- many realize that Epstein is totally protected and join him
2002-2004 Clinton flies 26 times on Lolita Express.   
- Epstein funds many scientists
- plans top scientist sperm bank
2001 Lawrence Summers(J)
gives Epstein office at Harvard
2002 Pinker and other fly on
Lolita Express to Pedophile
2002 Billionaires Dinner
invited by John Bronckman(J)
- Dawkins, Pinker, Myhrvold
2003 funds Marvin Minsky(J)
2003 funds Murray Gell-Mann(J)
     Soltam System
- defence contractor
- Israel utilized Finnish
- John McCain
- Admiral McCain
and USS Liberty
- see separate map
      JFK Assassination
- Mossad orchestrated the 
assassination of JFK for 
opposing Israeli nuclear 
bomb, see separate map
- Israeli spyware
- originally developed
by Maxwell but gradually developed into Pegasus
                                    Ghislaine Maxwell
-  Robert Maxwell's daughter continues his Mossad projects
1992 becomes Epstein's girlfriend, madame and Mossad handler
- together officially meet
1992 Trump
1993 Clintons
1996 Dershowits who becomes Epstein's lawyer
- previously defended Roman Polanski who raped a 13 year old girl

       Tamares Group
- Zabludovich family's
private company 3bn$
- owns much of Las Vegas
with mob connected
 Jackie Gaughan
- bugs telecoms?
                     Council of Foreign Relations
                           Trilateral Commission
2000 incredibly Epstein belongs to both of these ruling elite organisations
Parties at Sandringham with Prince Andrew
Friends with Rothschilds and Trump
-> looks like Mossad-MI6-CIA cooperation network
Ghislaine gets 5 million Upper East Side Townhouse
- house linked to Lynn Forester de Rothschild
1999 information software
for intelligence community
- bugging the internet
- run by Christine Maxwell
 Female Executive Team
2000 Nadia Marcinkova
  - threesomes girl
  - pilots Lolita Express
2001 Leslie Groff (J)
   - private secretary
2002 Sarah Kellen (J?)
   - Rolodex girl
2002 Adriana Ross
   - sex session organizer
2002 Virginia Roberts
- marries and leaves Epstein on Trump's advice