DQ: How does the use of music with (through) technology aid target language acquisition and student engagement?
Why was this project created?
What are the benefits of using music in the classroom as a learning tool?

Introduction of music project: The purpose of the project is explained to students and they work individually to find French songs that appeal to them. Links to original songs & karaoke version are uploaded for teacher approval.
Teacher approves song
Teacher doesn't approve song
Students review other songs and suggest alternative to teacher
Students get into groups of 4 and choose which of their songs they would like to focus in on & fill in the title of their chosen song in a google document.
Teacher approves the list

Teacher doesn't approve the list

Students rework their list
Students discuss which apps they will be using to complete the project and allocate tasks accordingly.
Task 1: Students are assigned to work on the vocabulary presentation.
Task 2: Students are assigned to type up the vocabulary list in the target language and find out the English meanings of the words
Students review a screencast which describes how to make a presentation in Adobe spark
Students make Adobe Spark presentation for their 15 key words
Students save their list within a google document & then print it out so that they can stick it onto their poster. Students advise other members of group of meanings of vocabulary words
Students review project requirements as a group to get an idea of what is required and their areas of interest.
Task 3: Students are assigned to work on karaoke video. They must decide which tools they would like to use iMovie, built-in video app on their IPAD, or another app of their choice
Students watch screencasts which explain how to use iMovie or other apps of their choice
Students prepare a karaoke video whereby they must have the sound track (without words) of their song and they must either hold up the words/ introduce those electronically onto the screen.
Students get a QR code for their karaoke video, which they take a picture off to attach to their poster.
Students get a QR code for their Spark Presentation
Students make a poster adding their vocabulary lists and QR codes for their Adobe Spark presentations and karaoke video
Data Collection
Students complete survey on their opinions about music & language learning (vocabulary)
Students are given a copy of the lyrics from their selected song and asked to circle the words in the target language that they know and write the English alongside
When the projects are finished students are given the lyrics from their song again and asked to circle the words that they know in the target language and to write the English alongside. 
Tools used for project
Adobe Spark
IPAD video program or other app of students' choice
Time permitting: students are quizzed 2 weeks later on the lyrics from their song to see how much they have retained.
Teacher analyses data to see if music is beneficial to language learning
Students listen to the song its lyrics in order to make a list of 15 key words they think are crucial to the understanding of the song.