Hose Heat Trouble?
TSU Issue
Hose Heating Issue
Hose issue
Machine Issue
Test Amperage
Test Machine Voltage Output from front of machine
Find break in circuit by testing continuity end to end - multimeter
Visually inspect all connections
- Start with gun end of hose
Testing each side of the hose individually work from the end back by bisecting each remaining section till you isolate the break
broken copper
broken weld on welding wire to copper
Repair connection
New butt splice connector
Buy Butt Splice Connector Here
New butt splice connector
Buy Butt Splice Connector Here
Open top panel:
Test voltage coming out of Hose heat Breaker
Test Voltage coming out of main breaker
Test voltage coming into machine (from shore power or generator)
Replace main Breaker
Buy Breaker Here
Generator or Shore power issue
i.e. dirty power, tripped breaker, etc.
Test Voltage coming from Transformer
Isolate transformer by testing before the fuse and before the relay.
Test voltage after the fuse and after the relay
Testing the FUSE:
Test after the fuse and before the relay.
Testing the RELAY:
Test Before the Fuse and After the Relay
Replace Relay
Buy Relay Here  
Replace the Fuse
Buy Fuse Here
Retest Fuse and Relay together or Move on to hose
Retest Transformer Voltage or Move on to Hose
Replace Hose Heat Breaker
Buy Hose Heat Breaker Here