Ice Thermal Energy Storage landscape
Energy Storage Market Size

Current cost of BTM ESS

$950 per kWh

(Q4 2017) 


Lets start with California

15 GW for CA only

So what is the cumulative  US peak demand? 770 GW (!!)

The US DOE shows that: Total power rate of operational energy storage systems:  
195105 MW (1726 projects)

The US DOE shows that:
Total power rate of operational Ice TES (Thermal Energy Storage) systems worldwide: 103 MW (130 projects)
Lets try to check the ratio between CA peak demand (50 GW) to the forecasted storage needs (15 GW) - 30%

The total needed storage for the US market is 30% of 770 GW or

0.3*771=231 GW

Which is about 1000 GWh for the US market at 2030-40

How much storage is needed for the whole US market till 2030-40?

Today Capex cost
1 kWh =  $950 
1 MWh = $950K
1 GWh = $950M
Estimated market size of
$250B for 1000 GWh
at 2030-2040
The economics of Energy storage
Estimated future CapEx cost
1 kWh =  $250 
1 MWh = $250K
1 GWh = $250M
Competitive landscape