Lab+: Service Integration Work Program Phase 1 (Apr - Jun 2017)

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Future State Exploration
Operating Model for Innovation
Secondment: explored the value to agencies and staff for agency provided secondments.
Systemic challenges to innovation identified:
  1. few tangible or published examples of what “good” looks like, unclear benefits for agencies and little support for service delivery teams.

  2. iteration has become an appealing way to improve the status quo but it runs the risk of reinforcing the status quo operating environment.

  3. even when agile and user centred design methods have been adopted, they are often constrained to the agency mandate & legacy limitations.

  4. government often assumes a role of sole provider but there is an opportunity to enable community and private sector intermediaries to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the community.

  5. Challenges around collaboration.
Independent user research conducted
Analysis of user research and insights across agencies and internationally conducted
Future state prototypes
(wireframes and code) developed:
  • Conversational
  • Proactive
  • Help me plan
Designing for the Future States
Reverse engineering the future states
Identified high value reusable components and experimented with a services register
What does "good" look like?
Wrote case study about the MSD digital transformation and MyMSD experience
Explored SmartStart technical approach and found a modular API drive infrastructure (link to be added)
Explored existing examples of government services meeting user needs. Standouts were NZReady, SmartStart and MyMSD
Ran small exploratory workshop to understand "user needs" for government as a platform for service providers. Had 60 private, community and public sector participants.
Providing support to agencies for discovery and prototyping new ideas:
First iteration value proposition for "government as a platform" to explore benefits to users, agencies and non-government service intermediaries (link to be provided).