Corona Enterprises, LLC
Medicine &  Biotech
On the biotech side: Enhanced algae and bacteria for myriad uses. Biomanufacturing of ceramics, bricks, bio-fertilizers, fuels, plastics
Hydrogen fuel cell (maybe hydrogen better at home scale, not for transportation. Pernicious, embrittlement). Regenerative braking and suspension.
Business Philosophy
For the public benefit, open source, systems approach, triple bottom line practices
Policy Advocations
Price into the market all environmental harms that are currently externalities. Combine this with Net National Product (NNP) to create a new metric for economic success for the United States (hopefully others will follow suit). 
End the paradigm of pave it, pipe it, pollute it with regard to water. Begin using pervious pavement in all parking lots and daylighting streams whenever possible. Restore riparian areas to the concrete rivers like this project north of Los Angeles:
Begin working high up in the watershed to slow and spread the flow of water. "Keyline design" as taught by people like Darren Dougherty can be an invaluable tool in this process, particularly in terms of selecting appropriate areas to build check dams, reservoirs, swales etc. Build up soil organic matter. Healthy soil with plants and trees is an incredible sponge for water.

New system of public transportation that more closely resembles how nature moves things around. I can imagine a network where long distances between regional hubs are covered by combo hyperloop and plane (where the plane can come and pick up a hyperloop car w/o stopping and continue on its way), then light rail for medium size distances, then buses, and then shuttles, and then self-driving cars. All of these are modular such that the shuttle can attach itself to a bus or load onto the back of a train if necessary. Critically, it has to be really easy to move from one to the other. If you want people to use mass transit in the most efficient way you have to make it more convenient to transition from different modes, and without having to pay a new transaction ideally. So the whole trip is included in one "uber" transaction. 
Regenerative land and ocean based agriculture. Increase ecological function and then ecological production will follow. Close nutrient loops. Watershed management. Systems approach to soil including structure, chemistry, and biology. 
Integrated pest management, majority of spraying that happens is compost tea (then release of predators, and in absolute worst case some organic pesticides), no till, crop rotation, conservation ag., holistic planned grazing (particularly in parts of the world with low relative humidity and brittle environments), keyline design, agroforestry, savannah silvipasture, urban ag, precision ag, tech enabled (land and air based drones and sensors), automation of most dangerous and back breaking labor. Slow, spread, and sink water not pave it, pipe it, pollute it
Self-cleaning organic spray on solar cells would be nice. Cheap multi-axis sun tracking would be nice too. Geothermal. High altitude wind. What is taking Makani Power so long!? Some of those fish safe side-of-stream hydroelectric turbines are pretty cool like Belgium's Turbulent
Construction & Manufacturing
Geodesic and monolithic domes, modular construction, cradle to cradle life cycle assessment, additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing), balance load economy, circular economy, zero-marginal cost for many goods and services and resource based economy?? where capitalism no longer has the monopoly on economic activity??
Use of local and particularly earthen materials for housing. No more heat, beat, and treat, instead biomimicry for manufacturing (low temperature, very high efficiency). Factories in a garage a la Big Hero 6 (great example of digital manufacturing), and more growing things biologically. Why aren't we programming in nano self-assembly?
Daily in-home urine, stool, and vital sign analysis. Primary care physicians that actually care about you. Cheap DNA testing and preventative/personalized/precision medicine. 
Algae based petroleum replacement
Environmentally benign batteries charged with renewables. ViZn Energy??
Hopefully Hyperloop :) and then some kind of widely available Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle(s), but I really hope the urban environment isn't filled with buzzing flying things in the future
Ultra low weight clean biodiesel-hybrid electric
Home and office. Make them smart. Give them sensors. Automate them. Use more renewable materials (hempcrete, clay, stabilized earth blocks, wood, BIOPHILIC DESIGN works, it is very pleasant to be in those spaces). Seal them very tightly and then ventilate them with heat recovery systems. Passive solar design. 
Open source, natural user interface, life-cycle analysis (of all metal components in particular), Digital Gaia (if we can make a really good model of how to regenerate the Earth we can more easily do it in real life), how do we create benevolent AI???
Incentivize the setting up of microgrids, community water treatment systems, and community agriculture.  
Start designing municipalities from scratch (even going so far as to dismantle parts of the old for raw materials) and create new cities that are meant to serve a specific number of people, with built in capacity for seasonal or economic surges. Design them to be built and run from the ground up using smart and appropriate technology. Imagine a city where obtrusive construction projects and road maintenance or infrastructure being used by too many people is a thing of the past. Imagine a city where money can be unnecessary on a daily basis because local goods are abundant and cheap in comparison to the amount of value the city's residents produce (and export any surplus that they don't use)
Projects we've started but don't have the bandwidth for
Housing projects
Carbon negative house
BioMason bacteria
carbon based insulation, cellulose and hempcrete are both great options
3D printed house
Development of Laughing Oak Eco-Village
End Homelessness
Amikas "emergency sleeping cabins"
Las Casitas tiny house modular town
Community owned solar farm in San Diego. Solarization of 1542 Veteran Ave
Testing of OrganicsAlive plant health protocol, Ecosystem Accounting advocacy, grants for Pastureland Provisions,
pro bono help Coral Tree Farm with its water
Rainwater harvesting and conservation
Water quality testing
Soil building
Trying to get involved in a city-scale project
Quay Valley
"Bill Gates'" Belmont project
Precious Plastic
plastic Lego houses
Salvaged wood
Seasteading Project Blue Frontiers
Traveling Lotus Project and Local Earth music festival-->future city projects
Policy change from pave it, pipe it, pollute it -> slow it, spread it, sink it
Dream Team
Construction/Fabrication/Hardware (incl. electronics)
Materials and Supply Chain?
Ben Falk, Grant Schultz, Mark Shepard, Gabe Brown, Joel Salatin, Greg Judy for sure, Kevin Muno, Abe Collins, Terragenesis, Darren Dougherty
Not sure...  David Tcheng, Mike Mays, Joshua Mehl (and his dad for electrical), Nathan Cannon, James Newton, Marcin Jakubowski, Chris Reinhart, Zander Barnard, Simple Construct, Daniel Tyack
Terragenesis International, Janine Benyus?
Brad Lancaster, Walter Jehne, Darren Dougherty, Sepp Holzer, Elaine Ingham?, Kevin Muno, Tony Rinaudo, Colin Seis, Patrick Worms, and Nat Topa
Want a drinking water specialist

David Tcheng, Michael Everett, Silas, Emmett, Benedict, Chris Reinhart, Dan Mueller, Jean Baptiste, Brian Kinzie, Ulric, Mike Mays, Mia Shepard, Zander, Tyler Rohr, Pierre, Michael Gartman,  Marina qutab, Bryan?, Yasmeen, Robby Cochran, Ricky Marron, Bryan Arturo, Josh Brann, Nate Merotz, Aaron Street, Scott Osterday, Kenny Yarus, Eric Tice, Eta Prime people like Robby Kelly, Max Joseph, Brice??,  Kirti, Marina, Michelle, Kevin Muno, Frank Golbeck, 

Silas Bennett, David Tcheng,  Michael Everett, Melissa Bumble, Ricky Marron? David Tcheng?
Exceptional thinkers (strategists)
Michael Mays, David Tcheng, Emmett McGreggor, Benedict Jones, Robert Fortenberry, probably Miles for that matter too, maybe even Nelson lol, Brian Kinzie in some ways, Ben Falk, Cody Petterson, Ricky Marron, Janine Benyus
List of initial products to make: Digested algae + biochar, drinking water, chestnuts and hazels, clean e-'s, bricks and nanotubes made from CO2, hempcrete, drywall alternatives,
Mycelial or arterial networked model with a pragrmatic escalation of transportion mode as distances increase from feet -> e-scooters/e-bikes -> mini shuttles with room for 2-4 -> vans -> buses -> trains -> air with seamless transfers between all of them with the swipe of a smartphone or card using the same app or account for everything
Regenerative medicine. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, gene therapy, 3D printed Extra Cellular Matrices that get sprayed with my CRISPER improved stem cells
Circular Economy
Josh Brann, Robby Cochran, Eric Tice, Tyler Rohr, Tom Hamilton, Benedict, Emmett, Frank Golbeck, Keith Filler, Kenny Yarus, Brian Rice, Burke Wendt, Gendell
Ashley Mazanec, Leif Elguthun, James Sawabinni? Willem Fadrounc, Dennis the SD electrician I used once, Seth Tilley, Michael Smith, Jim Coolige?, Kevin Waldher?, Silicon Ranch people? 5B?
Waze, Boring Company, Hyperloop, Tesla transpo network. Pierre. Who else??
Nicole Hensel, Annie, Karina Araiza,
Iora Health
Drew Hubbell, Chris Reinhart, Joshua Alvord, Buckminster Fuller lol, Arup, Bjarke Ingels Group
Passive solar, parametric and VR design, 3D printed, earthen, carbon negative
Exec team
CEO - ?
COO - Cody Harrison
CMO - Daniel Tyack
CTO - David Tcheng
CFO - ?
Pastureland Provisions