Increase the number of UR PhD students / postdocs interested in faculty careers by 50%
Beliefs about a faculty career
Identity development and self-efficacy
Climate of program / lab
Faculty members' attitudes and behaviors
Sense of belonging
What / Causes
Where / Levers
Mentor Network
How to change / Solution drivers
Regular meetings with advisee / group research meetings
Improve faculty and postdoc student-centered advising / mentoring through professional development
Provide inclusion workshops and leadership training to improve understanding of and confidence in discussing implicit bias, microaggressions, and importance of social identity
Inclusion workshops
Leadership training
Annual reviews, including career planning and professional development
Provide faculty with resources to assist students on transition, identity development, socialization, retention, and completion
Brown bag seminars
Mentor training
Inform faculty about professional development resources to help support varying aspirations and interests of students
Networking settings
Assist faculty in discussing realities of faculty careers
Physical and Intellectual Environment
Training in conducting inclusive research meetings
Encourage IDP Use
Example Activities
Increase access to multiple mentors (near-peer to senior, from a range of organizations)
NOTE for next revision: "Assist faculty in developing confidence to discuss the realities of faculty careers"?