Argue that Brecht used stylistic design elements in his productions.
Visible orchestra and songs
Used in Threepenny Opera
Rather than accompanying the action on stage, music was meant to comment on or conflict with the action on stage. Jarring the audience into wakefullness.
An example would be 'Mac the knife'
This conflict in actions and sound forces analysis of the production and the messages.
Awre you are watcvhing a play as it is visble and usually placed up high so that all can see and gives the impression of status. Brecht was highly in avour of Visible orchestra and songs
He wanted the music/sound to stop the audience becoming consumed by the psychological motives and lives of the individual characters.
Make-up / Masks
used to exaggerate some features of head or face
Caucasian Chalk circle
Antgone= "More make-up than usual was used on tha faces and too was meant to tell a story. E.G the elders and the ravages left on their faces = by habit of commanding.
those of high rank were given full face mask= unpure. lower rank were less corrupted by the system wore partial masks. Gush wore no mask = less corrupted, and most pure.
Brecht was a fan of the obvious use of make-up for the creation of alienation.
Used in good soldier of Schweik
revolving stage was used by Brecht in many productions such as Mother courage. It is used to convey travel
representational sets and props
Over sized swords were used in 'Edward the secong' to highlight the brutality of war. this was to create meaning, not to create a realistic atmosphere.
Use of Flies
"It is more important nowadays that the set is used to tell the spectator he's in a theatre than to tell him he's in, say, Aulis. The theatre must aquire the same fascinating reality as a sporting arena during a boxing match. The best thing is to show the machinery, the ropes and the flies" - Brecht!!
Allows audience to see the mechanics of the theatre. Creating verfremdungseffect.
Mother courage was not meant to repsresent any real locality only represent a place during war. The fire in theis prod was representational and made out of random bits of wood
Half curtain
Aimeed to allow the audience to watch the change of scenes and set. Also allowed for songs to be projected onto the curtain.
Threepenny opera
were used to highlight key messages. e.g bible quotes. depeen understanding and analysis. theme of Randomness of values
Projections were used in Threepenn Opera to remove tension from the upcoming scene in order for it to be better analysed
lighting was white and functional
No colour
This was to ensure that the play could be analysed. It was NOT to highlight status or create impact.
Visible / exposed lighting
Used in many of his productions used to creat verfremdungseffect and light up the stage more clearly in order for better anaylisation and to highlight theme of equality.
Threepenny Opera: the servant was lit as brightly as the King = the theme of equality - a clear message. there is no "hierarchy of reality" - Brecht.
some directors choose to light some character brighter than others, not brecht, he disagrees with this.