Argue that Brechts productions have a radical relationship with the pretext
Changed name of sisters
Antigone & Ismene
Added prologue
to place the events in a post-war scenario
Brecht had also written a poem named "The Antigone Legend"
This was to give a summary of the whole play to help the development of the audiences understanding of the play
Changed to "the first" and "the second"
He did this to get across the alienation effect and to remind the audience that they arent real characters with real names but only actors playng these characters
Edward II
he used oversized swords
to show the brutality of war and battle
He also used weapons that were short and stumpy
He didnt want the elegant swordplay to distract the audience's realisation the battle was ugly and brutal
not historically accurate
Counter Arguement
Although Brecht was radical in many ways to the pretext he did stick to a little in the text
Brecht kept the chorus for the same purpose Sophocles
He did this because he wanted to provide a distanced view of actions
This developed the idea of the alienation effect which was an integral part of the Epic Thearte