7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
Sound was a big part to our opening title sequence. We had to use a lot of diegetic and synchronous sound when the walk ons were taking place and the thud of the darts entering the darts board.
In terms of importance in darts opening title sequences, sound is huge such as audience sounds effects and that takes place in our opening title sequence when Andy suffers the disappointment of missing and the crowd's sense of shock shines through which matches the action on screen.
In contrast with Final Cut Express, LiveType is a program that allowed us to create our credits and titles in a way that would represent the intensity and the seriousness of darts.
In addition to that, the program allowed us to add an animation to each credit as it entered the frame. One of the animations available made the credits fly into the screen like a dart which was perfect in connoting what was on screen.
To conclude, the whole process of learning new technologies has been very useful as I have learnt many new skills for when I next come to do this sort of thing. The different types of sound, shots and programs I have used has enabled our opening title sequence to look the best it can possibly be and a product which I can be proud of and puts a smile on my face.
Camera Work
The camera work is the most important, I believe, part of opening title sequences. The way you move the camera round and the knowledge of camera work is key especially in an opening title sequence like ours, trying to connote someone as being dominant.
However our opening title sequence did have quite a few errors in terms of head framing which has meant our mark is not as good as what it could have been. So I have learnt to make sure we look back at the shots and check every element of camera work is correct.
Before I did any of this process I didn't realise how the different shots represent the characters different emotions. We also had a camera which you don't use everyday and therefore the filming process has taught me to make great use of the special camera we had and make sure all the different types of shots are included.
Within our opening title sequence a lot of different shots were used like close ups, pan shots and many others to connote Andy as being the better darts player.
I have learnt how to use the camera effectively as cinematography is a massive part to our opening title sequence.
Final Cut Express
Furthermore, being able to put audio in the opening title sequence was key and this program allowed us to put the commentary and audience sound effects in sync with our shots.
This is program which I have used before and is a brilliant program for getting different shots to merge together and to make the different effects such as shot reverse shot.