Final Cut Express
We will be able to use editing techniques to allow certian clips to fade in, fade out and also we can cut needless seconds of filming. As well as this, we can use a compatible software in the form of livetype, so that we can add credits and text to the opening sequence.
Final Cut Express is a video editing software created by Apple. It is a simplified version of Final Cut Pro and was designed for advanced editing of digital video, which is used by many amateur and professional videographers, which is important to us as it will allow us amatuer editors to finalise our opening sequences with some professional edition . Final Cut Express was considered a step above iMovie in terms of capabilities, but a step underneath Final Cut Pro.
We have asked our teacher, who is proficient in the arts of film editing, to sit with us and go through the basics of how to use this editing tool effectively in order to improve and touch up our opening sequence. He has already told us that this will not take long, which is useful as we can go onto other important matters.
We have searched online for the price of this software, and we could pick it up from ebay for about £70, which is very expensive for us students. Luckily, our school have a copy that has allowed us to use free of charge. this will allow a considerable chunk of our budget to stay in our pockets, to be spend on other necessities.