Analysis Of 3 Different Opening Title Sequences
Revenge Of The Chucky
However, weaknesses to this opening title sequence include: the titles are hard to see as the colours in the background blend in with the titles and therefore we cannot see clearly any names of actors that may stick out to us and make us believe that this is a good film.
From this we have learnt that if we are to do a horror film we must have the right images and colours in the background to link in with the genre but we must also make sure that the titles are clear for the audience to read and get enthusiastic about the film. Also the music should be fast-paced to give a sense of excitement for the audience.
Whilst watching Revenge Of Chucky we spotted that fast-paced, dramatic music is used to fit the genre of horror and gives a sense of exhilaration towards the audience. Furthermore, the use of dark colours such as black and red connotes the feeling of danger towards the audience and also links back to the genre of horror.
Napoleon Dynamite
The second opening title sequence we watched was Napoleon Dynamite which is different to Revenge Of Chucky as it is a comedy-drama film. In addition to that this film shows their titles much clearer through the use of different foods on plates and other random things which fits the genre of a comedy-drama as the audience become amused by the quirkiness of the opening sequence.
They have also presented the titles in this way to make them stand out to the audience and therefore is more likely to be taken in by the audience. On the other hand, the music in the background is quite catchy to begin with but as the sequence goes on the audience will start to get bored as it is so repetitive and it drags on for a long time.
Therefore the audience won't be as enthusiastic about the film. From this we have learnt to not have a repetitive piece of music in the background and that mise-en-scene is a key part of opening sequences and especially in comedy films to attract the audience into the film.
Toy Story
Back to the positives, the music in the background is a very catchy tune which would definitely appeal to their target audience of young children and even the audience might start singing along with the tune. Therefore it makes everyone who is watching very cheerful and anxious to see the whole film.
The final opening title sequence we looked at was Toy Story which is a comedy-adventure film. This animated film is presented completely differently to the other two films as there is some action in the background taken from the film. This allows the audience to be absorbed into the opening sequence as it flows straight into the film. However the down side to this is that the credits that are on show are not seen by the audience as they are too attracted to the action going on in the background so an improvement to the film would be to make the credits stand out more.
Furthermore, the use of mise-en-scene in this sequence is key as the characters, location and props are shown to keep the audience interested in the film. My understanding from this is that the credits need to be able to stand out to the audience especially if a big name actor is used in the film. Also the music should fit into whatever genre we choose and therefore should appeal to the target audience.