Effects in ads
The snob effect
The scientific effect
The words-and-music effect
The ha-ha effect
The VIP effect
The supermodern effect
The go-go effect
The ideal kids
(or families) effect
The excitement effect
The bandwagon effect
The put downs effect
The facts and figures effect
The repetition effect
The heart strings effect
This tells you that the product is most exclusive and of course rather expensive. Only the very best people use it.

A serious-looking man with glasses and a white coat, possibly a doctor or a professor, tells you about the advantages of the product.

The name of the product is repeated over and over again, put into a rhyme and sung several times, in the hope that you won’t forget it. The sung rhyme is called a “jingle”.

This is suitable for the teenage market. It shows young people having a party, singing, laughing, having a wonderful time, and, of course, using the product.
The advertiser tries to make you laugh by showing people or cartoon figures in funny situations.

Well-known people, like actors or football-players, are shown using the product.

The advertiser tries to persuade you that this product is new, sensational breakthrough.

Advertisers hope that if you see a product, or hear its name over and over again, you will be more likely to buy it. Sometimes the same commercial will be repeated over and over again.

Ads that draw you into a (romantic) story and make you feel good, like the McDonalds commercial where the dad and his son are shovelling their driveway and the son treats his poor old dad to lunch at McDonalds when they are done. 

Everything seems perfect. The kids are really hip looking, with the hottest fashions, haircuts and toys. Ideal families are all attractive and pleasant looking -- and everyone seems to get along!
Advertisers use facts and statistics to enhance their product's credibility.
When you put down your competition's product to make your own product seem better.
Join the crowd! Don't be left out! Everyone is buying the latest product: aren't you?

Who could ever have imagined that food , for example, could be so much fun? One bite of a snack food and you're surfing in California, or soaring on your skateboard!