Holistic Wellbeing of Students and Teachers
Ethical engagement in the Infosphere
The Transmission of Yoga in the Cyberage
Guru - Disciple Lineage Tradition Patanjali, Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, Swami Rama, Feuerstein, Desikachar, Farhi, 2006
Theory Practice Binary: Yogic awareness of the non-dualistic nature of life "both-and..." (Berry, p.10); Yoga teachers - are we embodying the "change we want to see in the World?" (Gandhi)
Expertise/Integrity/Effort Self-Study/Self-Awareness Berry, p.11 What makes a 'guru teacher'? p.12
Timelessness and Purpose of Yoga: Observances, Restraints and Practices, valid in the 21st Century
The Inimitability of Face-to-Face Feedback and Interaction
On-line Yogis: ...visible, accessible sources of information and inspiration for peers and students of a new millenium
Questions of Financial Viability in the 21st Century
Balancing the material and spiritual Bennet, 2002; Vedro, S 2007