To Succeed in MOOCs You have to be,
4. Aware of Rubrics
3. Active People Follower
2. More Organized
1. Motivated
It is essential to learn more about startegies and tools that help you be more organized. For example, taking notes about what you have done and what you need to do, using diigo for creating lists for each week, and bookmarking resources, and using calendars to know the due dates
5.Good Commenter
I can admit that this is the most important key to the success in MOOCs. Commenting is a high order thinking skill that needs more training and practice. Reading other people's contributions and leaving comments to them is something meaningful for anyone. He or she will follow you and start commenting to your contributions too. It is a starting point for creating a huge PLN, building new knoweldge and developing your critical and reflective thinking.
Being a ware of the rubrics according which the required assignments will be assessed is crucial. This will save a lot of time and efforts. Reading them, you will succesfully get to the right point more easily.
Following people who are active is a great source for encouragement and success. They can help you to move on and grow. They can be best examples for you to follow.
You have to ask yourself quetions like .. Are you intrinsically motivated? Why do you particiapte in such MOOCs? Can you complete the whole experience to the end? Do you enjoy the course?