HackRepair.com "We Fix Hacked Websites" (619) 479-6637
Answer phone on first ring
Attempt to offer free advice on how to resolve
Client Signup https://tvcnet.com/online/web_page_hacked_clearing_service.php
Describe "one fee" service and signup process
Email invoice and login questionnaire
Begin review. Start by generating and emailing initial step-by-step project report to client, subject: "Hackrepair - clientdomain.com"
Check all files for malware
Recommend or install security "plugins" or settings
Close project by answering client's question and re-discuss security policies for the future.
Replace WordPress core files
Investigate hacker likely points of entry
Review Google.com Webmaster reports and submit review or reconsideration request for client.
Notify client of likely Google responsiveness based on type of request submitted
Monitor domain or account daily until Google has cleared client's reputation
Create pre-work site backup
Require client update all scripts and plugins
Recommend security policies and procedures to prevent future compromise
Change passwords
Review scripts against security advisories
If appropriate for client type, recommend website / file-monitoring-for-malware type services
Email "how's it going" follow-up week after site has been secured