CORE FOCUS: Business Management
CORE FOCUS: Soft Skills
CORE FOCUS: Personal Development
WP Administration
Create a new blog post
Sub Focus: Finances
Project Management
Sub Focus: (BMC)
Panorama Project Management 
Edit progress (update)
Create a new project (follow quest details for milestones, deadlines, documents)
Establish a Budget for Grit9
Classwallet Dashboard
(order status, money is held by RWS)
Communication: Make the call
Communication: Host a client meeting
Passion Project
- accountability partner
Personal Mission Statement
Career Exploration
Interview Q's/
Invite Speaker? Shadow?  
Most Likely To Succeed video?
Collaboration: Listening
(client consultation - 
summarizing ideas)
Collaboration: Personality Types
take the quiz
Time Mgmt: Project Panorama
new project, set milestones from text data

Ignite: Qualify for presenting out of school
Add media to a blog post
Create a new page
Using Headings and Paragraphs
Professionalism: Eliminate BCD Blame, Complain, Defend your Actions
Leadership: Build Trust in 3 categories: Character (do what you say you will) Competency (Know your stuff), Connection (Listen, show compassion)
BADGE (All complete): Hardcore Web Dev
BADGE: Hardcore Soft Skills
BADGE: Hardcore Business Management
BADGE: Hardcore Personal Development
MASTER BADGE: Requires 4 Hardcore Badges
Sticker: Wordpress Editor
Sticker: WP Administrator
Sticker: Design Fundamentals
Installing new WP in Cpanel
Setting up Essential Plugins
Template  Implementation
!! Requires WP Editor Sticker !!